No Service No Attendance Funerals

No Service No Attendance Funerals

It can be difficult to know how to plan a funeral if your loved one has specific requests that go against traditional conventions. Cosmopolitan Funeral Services are here to take you through this difficult decision, so you can honour your loved one’s passing in a way that fits your needs.

Variations to No Service or No Attendance Funeral Services

When it comes to the passing of a loved one, know that you have options. There is no right way or wrong way to honour the deceased. Sometimes a more non-traditional memorial is more fitting.

No Service Funeral

No service funerals are becoming more popular. A no service funeral is exactly what it sounds like, there is no funeral service. The body is cremated and the ashes are either kept by the family or scattered. This type of memorial is growing in popularity because it is less cumbersome than a traditional funeral.

No Attendance Burial

Another option for those who want to avoid a funeral service is a no attendance burial. With this option, the body is buried without a funeral service or visitation. The family can choose to have a private memorial service at a later date, or they may decide not to have a service at all.

Cremation Only Service

For those who want to avoid a funeral service altogether, a cremation only service is an option. With this option, the body is cremated and the ashes are either kept by the family or scattered. There is no funeral service or visitation.

What to Consider with a No Service or No Attendance Funeral

There are a few things to consider before selecting a no-service or no-attendance funeral.

Last Wishes: First, you’ll want to consider if this is what the deceased would have wanted. It’s important to honour the wishes of the deceased, no matter how others may feel.

Finances: Second, you’ll want to consider your budget. A no service funeral may be the best option for those on a tight budget, as funeral services can be expensive.

Your Needs: Third, consider your own needs. While some people appreciate the support of others during times of mourning, others find it to be less comforting. In this case, a no service funeral may be the most appropriate decision to make for your needs.

What to Expect When Planning a No Service or No Attendance Funeral

If you’re considering a no-service or no-attendance funeral, there are a few things you can expect.

  • Support: Cosmopolitan Funeral Services will provide you with information and support throughout the process. We will help with the logistics of a no service funeral and answer any questions you may have.
  • Special Arrangements: If you choose to have a no service funeral, we will prepare the body for cremation. This includes dressing the body and placing it in a casket. If you decide not to have a casket, the body may be wrapped in a shroud.
  • Cremation: During cremation, the body is reduced to ashes through high temperatures. The ashes are then returned to the family.
  • Ashes: The family has a few options for the final disposition of the ashes. The ashes can be scattered, kept by the family, or buried.

No matter what you decide, know that there is no right or wrong answer. This is a difficult decision for many people and one that should not be taken lightly.

At Cosmopolitan Funeral Services, we have led the industry in tailored funeral services for both religious and non-religious ceremonies. When you make the decision for your loved one, we will be here to help you through it.

Call us at 1300 211 010 or connect with us online to begin your funeral service planning today.

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