Green Funerals & Eco Burials

Green Funerals & Eco Burials

Bringing death and passing into harmony with mother nature.

In recent years, green burials, also known as eco funerals, are growing in demand and becoming increasingly popular due to their minimal impact on our planet. Here’s everything you need to know about planning an eco-friendly funeral or an eco-burial, designed to be kinder to our environment. Let’s explore what sustainable farewells mean to families and what they’re all about.

What is a Green Funeral?

Natural burials, or green burials, bury the corpse in the ground as naturally as possible. In essence, green funerals entail burying the deceased directly in a designated part of a cemetery after wrapping them in naturally decomposing materials to make the process of decay more ecological. Compared to traditional funerals, green burials use less toxic, environmentally friendly methods to facilitate natural decomposition. In some cases, communal markers or local rocks can replace individual gravestones, restoring the land to its natural state in no time. It is an extremely efficient method of caring for our deceased.

Types of Eco-Friendly Funerals

Our compassionate team at Cosmopolitan Funeral Services is available to assist you if you’re thinking about having a green burial or natural funeral. There are many ways in which eco burials can be customised to meet your particular needs. Here in Sydney, people can choose from a variety of eco-friendly funeral options.

Green or Organic Eco Burial Sites

The importance of a natural burial site or a green burial site is steadily on the rise. Traditionally, burials have taken up more space than natural burial sites, which are often found in protected city parklands, green graveyards, organic burial pods and communal meadows.

Natural Grave Markers or Headstones

During a green burial, people often mark the burial sites with beautiful headstones made from natural materials. There are plenty of natural materials that can be used to create them, such as rocks, stones or trees, and wildflowers, which blend into the surrounding environment without being noticeable.

Eco-friendly Coffins and Caskets

Green coffins are made with sustainably sourced materials that decompose naturally. A wide variety of green materials can be used, including wicker, cardboard, rattan, seagrass, willow, cotton, bamboo, banana leaf, cane and wool. Their decomposition is faster and less damaging to the environment than traditional coffins.

Body Preservation Without Embalming

Embalming can release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and soil. Many families are choosing to use chemical-free embalming agents or to eliminate the embalming process entirely. Without using chemicals, a natural body can decompose naturally and be one with the earth in a more sustainable manner.

What to expect during a Green Funeral or a Green Burial?

Depending on individual family circumstances, conventional burials or cremation may be more suitable for personal or religious reasons. But for others, the possibility of a green burial may provide meaningful solace as a means of caring for the environment at a difficult time. While green funerals are more distinct from traditional funerals, there are some key elements that make green funerals very special.

  • in an eco burial, the deceased body is buried on private property, in a green cemetery, or at a natural burial site.
  • human remains can be buried in shallow graves to speed up their decomposition process.
  • a burial vault is not used, nor are grave liners.
  • biodegradable clothing can be used to cover the body.
  • coffins, caskets, or shrouds are made from materials that are recyclable or biodegradable. Often natural fibre is used for covering a body because it is bleach-free and dye-free.
  • the body is neither embalmed, preserved, cremated, or treated with any other harsh chemicals.
  • the grave is marked by discreet natural grave markers, including trees or other natural symbols.
  • cremated remains may be buried in eco-urns made from wood, clay, paper, or other environmentally friendly materials to prevent soil and water pollution.

Let Cosmopolitan Funeral Services help you

Cosmopolitan Funeral Services has been providing specialised funeral services to families for more than 30 years. Our mission is to deliver the best care and service to families of all religious backgrounds. With our friendly and compassionate team, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to ease your grief. Get in touch with us if you’re planning an eco-friendly funeral.

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