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Cremation Funeral Services

Once a cremation takes place, you will receive your loved ones Ashes. What you choose to do with these Ashes are completely up to you. You may choose to bury them, place them in an urn or sprinkle them somewhere special to the deceased.

Whether to have a burial or cremation is completely your choice and you should not rush this decision. Your decision may depend on culture, religion, beliefs and wishes of the deceased or family. At Cosmopolitan Funeral Services we will help you arrange the Funeral of your choice.


Can I still have a memorial service even if the body has already been cremated?

Absolutely! In fact, sometimes relatives prefer to do this, depending on the religious beliefs or wishes of the deceased. Whether you opt for a cremation or burial service, here at Cosmopolitan Funerals, we’re able to carry out the last wishes of the deceased and ensure that their memorial is presented just as they would like it.

Do you offer an affordable cremation and burial service?

Yes. We offer a range of different affordable burial and cremation services at Cosmopolitan Funerals. We understand that funerals can also be an unexpected expense, so we offer a variety of different financial plans, whether you are opting for a burial or cremation service for your loved one.

Does a cremation funeral allow me to take my loved one’s ashes home with me?

Yes. Although some people opt to have a permanent resting place for their loved one’s ashes in a cemetery after cremation services, many choose to take the ashes home and store it in an urn or another type of secure container. Additionally, scattering ashes at a site of significance for the deceased also remains popular.

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