Burial and Interment Services

Burial and Interment Services

What is a Burial?

The ritual placing of the deceased in a grave either below ground or above ground, this includes a tomb vault, crypt, and mausoleum.

Whether to have a burial or cremation is completely your choice and you should not rush this decision. Your decision may depend on culture, religion, beliefs and wishes of the deceased or family. At Cosmopolitan Funeral Services we will help you arrange the funeral of your choice.


How much does a burial cost in Australia?

The cost of a funeral can vary depending on what services you choose and how large or elaborate you want it to be. Most funerals cost from $4,000 to $15,000, with the burial service cost coming in at around $6-7,000. Adding graveside services such as a burial committal service will add to the cost. For your convenience, you can use the calculator on our site to get an instant quote for our services and an accurate price.

If you’re concerned about passing the cost of your funeral onto loved ones, you might want to take a look at our prepaid funeral plans, which help you to plan ahead and ensure you get the funeral of your choosing. For example, you can choose your flowers from our online shop and plan the service in advance.

Is cremation cheaper than burial in Australia?

Yes, in general, a cremation will be cheaper than using our burial services. However, a cremation service can be just as special and sentimental as a burial. You can even have a similar ceremony to a burial service program, which can be religious or secular. If you’d prefer to choose a burial, but are worried about the costs, contact us to find out more about your options.

What is the cheapest form of burial?

A direct burial is the cheapest form of burial available. There’s no embalming or visitation of the body; instead, the person is taken directly to the funeral home and placed in a casket or burial container before being transported to the burial plot on the day of the burial. However, you can still have family and loved ones at the interment burial. For an extra fee, interment services can be carried out, which can be led by a religious leader or other official, and you can opt for speeches, poetry readings, or other ways to say goodbye.

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