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Prepaid Funeral Plans


Pre-paid and pre-planned funerals

At Cosmopolitan Funeral Services we offer a service that allows you to plan ahead. Pre-planning a funeral is one area of financial planning that most people don’t want to think about, particularly when they are healthy and enjoying life.

But we plan ahead for just about every other financial possibility in life to ensure that our loved ones are protected. We take out life and health insurance, we put money aside for retirement and most of us have made a will. Pre-planning a funeral is just as easy as any other financial arrangement. A pre-planned funeral can protect your loved ones emotionally as well as financially, and will provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your affairs are in order.

When you pre-plan a funeral, you choose the type and style of funeral service that you want with Cosmopolitan Funeral Services.


Some of the details you will need to consider when pre-planning a funeral include:

  • Do you prefer a burial or cremation?

  • What is your preferred cemetery or crematorium?

  • What will be the wishes of your family?

  • Are there any special features you would like to include in the service, such as a poem or special piece of music?

  • • What type death notices, mourning vehicles and flowers would you choose?

  • Would you prefer donations to a charity rather than flowers?


What are the benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan

  • You can protect your family from the distress of making difficult decisions at an emotional time.

  • Your family will be relieved from any financial burden.

  • It makes good financial sense. By making all of your choices now, you can fix the price of your funeral at today’s costs.

  • You can ensure that your exact wishes are made known and are carried out.

  • Pre-paying means real peace of mind for you and your family.

  • You may be able to maximise your pension entitlement. According to current legislation, money paid into the plan is not subject to the income or assets test or the deemed earnings rule.


Why pre-pay your funeral?

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to purchase your chosen funeral service at today’s prices. After you have planned your funeral, you can choose to pre-pay to ensure that it will be conducted exactly as you have requested and at an agreed price. Once you have decided on your funeral, we will provide you with a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan Contract as a guarantee. There are two ways to make payments: you can pay for your pre-paid funeral plan in a lump sum, or your Funeral Director may give you the option to pay by instalments.

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